Creation Science is a tongue-in-cheek statement that would indicate that creation can be proven by science.  Science cannot prove creation. But just as important, science cannot prove evolution.  In fact, science can only prove that evolution is nothing more than a hypothesis, not a scientific fact or theory.  Creation Science Ministries is dedicated to the development and distribution of materials for encouraging and facilitating the understanding of the Bible as the inspired, inerrant,  and infallible Word of the Living God.

Creation Science Ministries was founded by Bruce and Marianne LarnerBruce, a 38+ year retired veteran of the airline industry, has also been involved in the satellite and computer industries.  Bruce has a dedicated teaching commitment, making himself available for seminars on creation vs. evolution and  Bible studies as requested by various Christian schools and churches.  Marianne has also been in the airline industry, and has spent the last 14 plus years as a thoracic intensive care nurse and as a Life Flight nurse in her spare time.  In addition to this, she helps Bruce with the ministries.  

Thanks for visiting us on the Net.  Please join us as we reach out to the world, and let's see what the Lord will do!

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